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This is part 1 of The Sewer Line Replacement Vancouver, B.C.

We use our own patented Pipe Genie Trenchless Pipe Bursting Equipment to replace the sewer line without having to dig up our customers property. Contact us at: 604-739-2000 if you need to have your sewer or water line replaced.


Sewer Line Replacement Vancouver .
Video divided in 6 parts for faster downloads.
Part 1)   Video Part 2)   Video Part 3)   Video
Part 4)   Video Part 5)   Video Part 6)   Video
Water Line in Vancouver
1 Part Movie) Video
Water Line Vancouver
Part 1) Video       Part 2) Video
Water Line Video in Deep cove
(August 5 2009) Video 1
New Water Line Video in Horseshoe Bay
(August 12 2009) Video 1
New Sewer Line Video Vancouver
Part 1) Pipe Genie Equipment                Video
Part 2) Sewer Line being pulled through  Video
Part 3) Satisfied Customer                   Video
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  University Vancouver Part 1) Sewer Line  Video   Part 2) Sewer Line  Video
  Drain Master Video Part 1) Sewer Line  Video   Part 2) Sewer Line  Video
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  Drain Tile Job Part 1) Sewer Line  Video  
We use our own "Pipe Genie" Trenchless pipe replacement machines to replace your sewer or water line without having to dig a trench. This means no damages to your lawns, gardens, driveways etc. We dig just 2 holes. The first hole is where we place our machine which will pull the sewer or water line through. and we then pull the new sewer line that is placed at the second hole.    



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