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Hi Gerry

Iíve been meaning to send you this email for quite some time but Iím finally sitting down to write to you. Your team has been working on our street (Weymoor in Champlain Heights) since January replacing polybutylene water lines. Itís been quite an experience as we havenít had drawings to work from and have had absolutely no help from the city in locating shut offs. Itís been frustrating and challenging at times but I wanted to write to express my appreciation for your company and most importantly your crew.

As Strata Council President for several years I have dealt with dozens of plumbers, contractors, repairmen etc and no one has come close to providing the customer service that Drain Master continues to provide. Iíve been constantly thankful that we hired you to do such a huge job for us, especially as we began to run into Ďtrickyí situations. The feedback weíve received from owners has been totally positive. They appreciate the courtesy provided, the planning, the advance notice of work to be done and the implications for how they will be impacted. They also appreciate the fact that when you say youíll show up, you do and on time.

Additionally, Iíve been impressed with the trouble-shooting your crew has done. There were times when I was afraid Drain Master would throw up their hands and walk away knowing that the job that was quoted was much simpler than what they found. Of course that never happened. When one dayís work didnít go as planned I received a phone call or an email detailing the issues and charting a plan for dealing with the problem.

This brings me to David. He has been unbelievable. He is knowledgeable, realistic and absolutely lovely. He has never, ever said that Drain Master couldnít figure out how to carry on with the job even in the face of serious challenges. He has taken calls from me late in the evening and over the weekend, including holiday weekends. He has met with the council and tirelessly explained all the details of the job and has answered our questions in ways we can understand! He does a brilliant job of representing Drain Master and speaks very highly of the company and you.

We have recommended you to Dartmoor Council (in our complex but a separate strata) as you were recommended to us by Lynmoor Council. We would be happy to offer you a testimonial or to act as a reference at any time. We are totally pleased with your work and your crew and would be happy to share that opinion with anyone. We will also be using Drain Master for any future plumbing and drainage jobs and have already asked David to quote us for some additional work.

We appreciate how hard you are working and the level of service Drain Master is committed to providing. So far, it has been a pleasure working with Vancouver s Best Plumber and Drain Masters.


Christine Schleppe

Weymoor Council President

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