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May 2013

Sewer Line Problems:
June 7th 2014

We had just bought our 12 year old home and found out that the sewer line had collapsed under our home. We were told that we would have to dig up the inside of our home to replace it. I went on to the Internet, Goggled "plumbers" and I found a plumbing company called Basement Solutions Vancouver. We called them to enquire about our sewer line problem.

Gerry told us that they can repair the sewer line using their own trenchless pipe bursting system and do the the job with doing any damage at all to our house. They came down and did a great job replacing our sewer line with damaging the inside of our house, or without digging up our beautiful landscaped yard.

A great job that saved our house and would suggest this company to anyone who may need their sewer line.

J Kerns, Vancouver

Clogged Toilet:
June 1st 2014

One of my children must have put  something down our toilet as it became completely clogged and since we only have one bathroom in our house we needed someone reasonable and quick to come to repair our toilet.

I found a company called Basement Solutions Vancouver when I Goggled Basement Solutions Vancouvers. I called them up and they were very quick to respond. The friendly plumber went to work and found out that there had been a plastic toy dropped in the toilet along with paper towels.

The plumber was very quick to solve our clogged toilet situation. We were impressed with their service and he did only what was needed to be done and therefore saved us some money. Thanks Basement Solutions Vancouver. You will be the first we call should we ever need a plumber again. We also told all our friends about you.

Thanks Shelia 

Water Flooding:
June 1st 2014

We were very shocked when we had come home from shopping and realized that the toilet in our upstairs bathroom had overflowed and had kept on running and now our living room was almost completely flooded.

We had no idea on what to do. My husband got onto his computer and typed in plumbers Vancouver and found in the top spot a plumber located here Vancouver, called, Vancouver s Best Plumber.

Upon calling them we spoke to owner Gerry, who said he would send someone out immediately. A plumber showed up in 25 minutes, and looked at our top toilet, within 5 minutes the plumber had found the problem.

e fixed the leak, had help come in and clean up our flooded living room. This was such great service, fast, efficient and very friendly plumbers.

We would recommend calling Basement Solutions Vancouver to anyone who needs a great plumber at a great price.

Sally T
Vancouver, BC

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