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Basement Solutions Vancouver- 604-739-2000

  Our Patented Pipe Bursting Equipment for trenchless sewer and water line repairs.
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When you need to have your sewer or water line replaced, we can do the job using our trenchless, no dig pipe bursting equipment. We will replace you sewer or water line without having to dig a trench.

Our equipment is able to handle the toughest of jobs. We have done work for NASA, Chevron Oil, Children's Hospitals, Wal-Mart Retail and more. When you need to get the job done professionally, Drain Master Plumbers will get the job done - guaranteed.

Water Line Leaks:

Leaks in the water lines of your home is a serious problems that need to be addressed as soon as the leak is discovered. If it is ignored, water line leaks can cause major problems such as the growth of mold and mildew, rotting floor joists and ruined drywall. Damaged water lines can cause wet, damp or flooded basements. Wet basements can ruin flooring and wall materials. They may prevent your basement from being used effectively. A wet basement and wet basement wall can also become a structural liability.

Blocked Sewer Line:

If you have large trees in your yard you are susceptible to having tree roots in your sewer line. Trees naturally look for moisture and nutrients in order to sustain themselves. After a while the roots grow so dense and matted that they plug up the pipe completely.


Drain Master Plumbers are specialists in trenchless, no dig water line replacement. With our own pipe bursting equipment we simply dig 2 small holes, one hole for our machine and one hole where the new pipe is inserted.

We then pull the new pipe through the ground from one hole to the other replacing the old damaged pipe. By using this method of pipe replacement we do not need to dig a trench and therefore will not cause any damages to your lawns, gardens, driveways etc.

Read our new article on companies who use our equipment: PSI Plumbing Systems (PDF file)


Phone Us : ________________________________________________________    604-739-2000

We service Greater Vancouver and The Lower Mainland. 


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  Basement Solutions Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada, - Phone: 604-739-2000
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