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  Media - June 2014
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Vancouver City is expanding the water meter requirement to single family and duplex home connections.

Currently all other water consumers, including industrial, institutional, commercial and multi-family residential customers are metered.

Expanding the metering requirement to new water services for single family and duplex homes is the first step in achieving a fully metered system over the long term.

Aside from the benefit of billing equity (i.e., paying only for what you use), metering is the foundation step in extending the life of our current water resources by deferring the costs and environmental impacts of raising the dams on our reservoirs or having to develop another drinking water source.

Other benefits of metering single family and duplex water connections include:
■ Achieving up to 20% reduction in water use through changes in consumer behaviour and help in identifying system leaks, such as broken, damages, crushed and leaking sewer lines, and damages to drain tiles.
■Results in savings for those who consume wisely
■ Reduces the stress on the City and regionís systems by reducing peak summer demand for water and, at the other end, reduces stress on our sanitary sewer system
■Providing personalized consumption information to customers on their bill
■Overall consumption information would help the City identify areas for targeted water conservation programs
■Collecting system data that aids in planning future system investments

Water meters help people to become more aware about their water use. When people are charged for their actual measured use, they tend not to waste water, and they reduce their overall water consumption. Metering immediately rewards customers who use water efficiently and provides a price signal for those who donít. Another benefit to water meters is that they help identify leaks. Leaks can constitute a significant portion of a cityís water consumption Ė a leaky or self-flushing toilet can waste 750 litres of drinking water per day according to the EPA. That is equivalent to wasting over $270 per year. Eliminating leaks benefits everyone, including your wallet!

If you suspect you are using a lot more water than usual, you could have a leaking, crushed, broken or clogged and damaged water line or drain tiles. Call us at 640-739-2000 (or fill out a request online) to discuss a solution to your water line or drain tiles.


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