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  Crack In Basement Wall?
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What Causes Basement Leaks?
Crack In Basement Wall?
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Most residential foundation walls are damp proofed but not waterproofed. Damp proofing is usually done at the time the building is constructed. An asphalt coating is painted on the exterior of the foundation to prevent seepage. Experience has proven this does not always work.

Literally no conventional residential wall would be sufficient to act as a reverse "swimming pool", that is, to resist water pressure equivalent to a few feet or more.

Shrinkage cracks are common in concrete walls, unsealed tile holes (or improperly sealed) are common in poured concrete walls. Some of the mortar joints in the concrete block and brick foundation wall may have openings.

Improper Drainage - Poor slope or drainage around a building causes surface water to drain away slowly, thereby increasing water infiltration next to the foundation.

Foundation wall cracks can easily get worse if they're left untreated, especially in the case of cinder block wall foundations. Any crack or opening in the foundation at all can become a passageway for water to enter into the home.

Horizontal Foundation Wall cracks are potentially very serious problems that can sometimes lead to the complete failure of the foundation walls. These cracks occur when pressure builds against the side walls and forces them inwards.

You can't go wrong with our services as long as rain continues to fall in the lower mainland!

Our systems do not allow any water getting past the dimpled membrane to fall freely to the drain tile through the air gap section, keeping water away from your foundation and preventing hydrostatic water pressure against your walls.

This same air gap allows the foundation to "breathe" and makes your whole home healthier.

Do you have a problem with your crawl space? Crawl Space

Quality builders use - Basement Solutions Vancouver on all their projects to ensure their home buyers enjoy dry basements!

Call today to have a Certified Technician solve your problems.

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