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Imagine a tiny, pinhead-sized hole in one of the copper water pipes running through the wall of your home. Water slowly drips, drips, drips. It soaks into the insulation and spreads until your wall becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew that can not only make you sick, but can also go undetected for months or longer. Larger problems may arise when your main water line that runs from the street to your house becomes corroded or damaged and cause major leaks into your homes basement.

“Leaks from this corrosion can cause drywall damage, leaks on floors, mold build-up, and more,…but it’s a very, very complicated problem. It’s hard to predict and the mechanisms are difficult to sort out.”

Since copper is a low-cost resource and allows for relatively easy installation, the majority of households across the country sit upon tunnels of copper plumbing. Not all copper plumbing experiences pitting corrosion, but often an entire community can be found where pinhole leak problems are prevalent.

“The hot and cold potable water distribution piping in the typical residence is generally of little concern to the homeowner or apartment resident. Hidden behind walls, ceilings, floors and cabinets, it is mostly out of sight, and fortunately is rarely a problem. The most common domestic water problems encountered are dripping faucets, sticking or leaking toilet tank valves and occasionally and main water lines that ceases to work properly. These are problems that most every homeowner has experienced at least once. By comparison, more serious and damaging water supply problems associated with pipe leaks are far less common. When they do occur, however, leaks can result in extensive water damage if not immediately detected, and often expensive repairs.

What are the principal causes of water pipe failures and can the average home owner detect potential problems before they become serious? There are a number of factors that affect the performance and service life of water pipe, or tube, that must be considered: (1) the size and type of pipe, or tube, material installed, which in a U.S. home is most likely copper, but may also be galvanized steel or plastic pipe, such as PVC/CPVC or polybutylene, (2) the design and workmanship of the installed piping system, (3) the quality, or corrosiveness, of the water conveyed in the pipe, and (4) the current age of the pipe.

Each of these factors must be considered when evaluating the current condition, or the cause of leaks, in a home water piping system. The following discussion is intended to provide basic information for the homeowner about the known causes of plumbing failures and leaks.

Pitting corrosion in copper piping is difficult for a homeowner to detect and correct before it becomes a big problem, and often will result in expensive repairs and replacement. Vancouver Water Line Experts can detect, repair or replace your homes copper water line as required and we can do the job using our own trenchless pipe bursting equipment, without having to dig up your lawns, gardens or driveway. Contact us today if you suspect a leak in your homes water line.

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